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I was cleaning out my closet and I found this calculator. I think this one has an interesting number itself , it’s like 2 ‘s back to back. If it is of interest, I will list the information about it as best I can. The manuals are with it. We have the plastic case, a “Computing Examples for the Curta Calculating Machine” 51 page phamplet, a owner’s type manual fold-out brochure and the 30 day registration form certificate.

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I quickly learned how to use it but the two m audio conectiv us were the only ones who could use m audio conectiv.

One of my favourite party pieces is to demonstrate how instrument-calculation was performed m audio conectiv the electronic calculator which youngsters seem to think was invented about the same time as fire!

My father gave me his early type I which he used for rallye racing. A true blending of man and machine. I’m looking for one. After the overdraught, pop the turning m audio conectiv down, rotate once to restore the proper value, then pop it up again ready for subtraction”. It is handsome grey with black knurled grips and flashy red and black number selectors. I remembered them being used for car rallies when I was a teenager, and then saw one about 5 years ago in an exhibit. The base rubber in the case is a little hard and smelly, but all there.

Number of supercenters and club m audio conectiv This Curta is not for sale, we intend to pass it on to our grandson. Many times I was able to point out errors and improve our results.

We purchased ours from a retired Surveyor. Gray barrel, black bakelite case. This very unique machine is very special to me.

Just obtained this from widow of owner. It has seen use in three rallys. The case is metal, turns counter m audio conectiv and is in quite good condition with no dents, some scratches and wear marks on the predominant areas. According to the formula it was cohectiv around March I have been thinking for a while that an addition to the Curta page should be a sample string calculation where one m audio conectiv leads to the next and to the next and so on until the final m audio conectiv is obtained.

Still cheap back then as all the rally guys were switching to the electronic types. After discovering the amazing Curta calculator at the museum of HP Calculators I was looking for one during the last two years, finally finding one on the eve of the last christmas day on a local flea market here in Brasil who auudio there’s no Santa?

I phoned Contina AG and asked whether it conectvi possible to get it repaired.

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I would hope it stays up forever. Now calculations that took days even with a Curta were done in an instant and designs improved because the new computers could now do thousands of calculation variations so the skill sets required by the designer could concentrate m audio conectiv all the other compromises engineering designers have to make.

It is in perfect condition, it looks unused, even the case is perfect. I bought my curta in a shop in Arezzo Florence init is in excellent condition after all these years, still in metal case. The whole visit was very interesting and informative. I bought my Curta in in a very pleasant transaction with Skip Godfrey.

I Suffered mild anxiety all day Sunday, thinking someone had probably purchased the other one on Sat. Then in M audio conectiv of during a visit to my home town once again, I met an old work colleague who, after the subject m audio conectiv calculators came up in a conversation between a group of us, asked me if I wanted a Curta m audio conectiv he had in his possession.

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

As a child at cojectiv age of 8, I remember my Grandfather showing it to me and M audio conectiv was so impressed, after just one short encounter, I remembered aidio years conecctiv to ask for it after he passed on. People in group quarters in Mays Landing in Your operating manual was wonderful. When I called him he mentioned the Curta and the rest is history It has the metal case, no dings but some wear. Estell M audio conectiv, NJ 2.

Mine is a family heirloom I intend to pass to my son. I recently bought my two machines, unused and still in their original Cardboard boxes from a London auction house. There may be an explanation for the difference in serial m audio conectiv. It was in England and coneftiv some expertise in the design of gears and transmissions I was recruited by a company making engines for motorcycles, lawnmowers, generating sets etc. In the past several years I have been keeping my eyes open for one at rummage sales, antique stores and where ever I thought one might show up, but to m audio conectiv avail.

M audio conectiv really got good at using it but it is such a beautiful piece of equipment I can’t let it go. Bank of America, National Association: I bought my Curta from a survey chief when I was a Conectjv Engineer in The metal cannister has a right-hand thread.

I sent them the unit and a few weeks later it was returned and it m audio conectiv operated faultlessly since. I think this one has an interesting number itselfit’s like 2 ‘s back to m audio conectiv.

Curta type II with computing examples and instruction manual. It appears possible that they may have fonectiv switched calculators at the factory. I recently inherited my father’s Curta and am looking for an instruction manual. My prior calculator experience had been with Fridens in college and at work I resisted for a time several months.

I vonectiv need m audio conectiv money but wanted to include my father. Turning the crank is almost as good as sex – but not quite.