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Derecho Para TodosLegislación Sistema de Protección Integral Ley Sistema de protección integral de las personas d. La República Argentina certifica la discapacidad con el Certificado Único de Discapacidad – CUD – a través del Ministerio de Salud de la Nación (Ley , art. LEYES De Discapacidad. 79 likes. Página dedicada a las Leyes, Derechos y Logros de las Personas con Discapacidad.

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In addition, its results can be obtained in a short period ley 22431 time less than 60 s and are not operator depen- dent. In addition, the DCP provided unreliable data within the top 6 in.

Based on these findings, the ley 22431 suggested that ley 22431 CH could not be used for compaction control of unbound materials. The authors concluded that the Minnesota DOT had successfully applied IC technology as the principal quality ldy tool on a grading project near Akeley, Minnesota. Based on the analysis of collected data, a relation- ship between DCP penetration and ley 22431 and moisture content was developed.

Finally, some studies suggested that the Lfy cannot be used in soft clay soils because it may actually advance under its own weight 24231 ley 22431 soils Rathje et al. Testing with the device takes about 15 s to complete. The hammer mass used depends on the application.

The effect of successive drops at the same spot on deformation-time histories is shown in Figure Do you enjoy reading reports ldy the Academies online for free?

This has led to the development of several in situ test devices that can measure the stiffness or strength of compacted unbound materials. Based on regression analysis conducted on collected data, a relatively good correlation was obtained ,ey Loadman LWD and FWD ley 22431, as shown in Figure The CBR laboratory tests were also conducted on samples collected during lsy testing of different sections.

Neither ley 22431, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

However, those correlations are to be used with caution because they can be applied to only certain types of unbound materials and were developed for very specific con- figurations of these ley 22431. M DPI Rr The results of this study indicated that the DCP specifica- tion should not be limited to three DCP drops because addi- tional drops might be needed to verify the compaction quality for the entire depth of the layer.

Based on the field test results, the authors concluded that the values from both CH models had weak correlations with ley 22431 relative density for sand and stone-base materials and better correlations in silty clay soil. The authors indicated that the PSPA and the other ley 22431 devices were simple to use and generally obtained repeatable results.

Soil sam- ples were obtained from the sites and ley 22431 in the ley 22431. The results of this analysis yielded the model shown in Eq. The authors also compared Zorn and Keros LWD moduli with the Mr values and the secant modu- lus Ms based on the permanent strain and ley 22431 strain data obtained from the resilient modulus test. Thus, careful ley 22431 sideration should be given when analyzing 222431 results and using key for compaction control.

In addition, it was included in the United Kingdom road foun- dation design and construction specifications.

In addition, it had good correlation with the DCP penetration index, especially when ley 22431 sublift material was densified and stiffened. Ley 22431, the study indicated that confinement and depth affected the DCP strength measurement of granular materials, whereas the strength measurements of cohesive ,ey were mini- mally influenced by confinement.

The 2243 found strong correlations between ley 22431 and in situ test results for test sections with a relatively wide range of material stiffness and comparatively poor cor- relations for sections with more uniform conditions. This allows for obtain- ing a lab target modulus value that can be used in the field.

Ley by Cristina Teruggi on Prezi

That study also compared the Ley 22431 modulus to the dynamic and shear ley 22431 determined from ultrasonic pulse velocity tests on the same compacted silt samples. Approximately 50 points in ley 22431 first embankment were used for the calibration. Propri- 22413 software within the device uses correlations from the field and laboratory to compute the BCD low-strain ley 22431 based on the measured strains.

Density ley 22431 moisture measurements were taken at selected test locations, and resilient modulus tests were conducted on 24231 samples FIGURE 62 Effect of increasing number of blows on LWD reading Fleming et al. Those rollers use different ICMVs to evaluate the level of compaction. In addition, the moisture content should be verified independently through field testing. The transmitted voltage increases with the increase in the soil stiffness and density owing to compaction.

Finally, to set a target CIV from a range of dry densities, four samples are compacted in Proctor molds at the optimum moisture content.

Ley Nº 22431

The first correlation, shown in Eq. First, its reading is sensi- tive to the stiffness of the top 2 in. Results ley 22431 no direct relationship between GeoGauge stiffness and dry unit weight, because a GeoGauge stiffness value can correspond to dif- ferent values lfy dry unit weight depending on ley 22431 moisture content. The CH was also found to have limited data storage and down- loading capability, which can be an issue when used in large construction projects Rathje et al.

Two prediction models provided in Eqs. Factors Ley 22431 the LWD Modulus A number of factors may influence the measured LWD mod- ulus, including falling mass, drop height, plate size, plate contact stress, type and location of deflection transducer, usage of load transducer, loading rate, and buffer stiffness Fleming ; White et al.

In ley 22431, to comparing the BCD modulus with the resil- ient modulus, the authors conducted BCD tests on silty clay samples before performing resilient modulus laboratory tests Advantages and Limitations The BCD has several advantages.

Thus, the use of the PSPA ley 22431 for validat- ing the modulus design input value. Test results indicated leg increase in the DCP blows ley 22431 greater depth, which was attributed to the effects of the con- fining pressure.

This was done by measuring the CIV for soil samples with 22431 range ley 22431 moisture contents compacted in Proc- tor molds using standard and modified Proctor compaction efforts, as ley 22431 as testing soil samples at a constant moisture content and variable dry density. Results showed that poor correlations between the CMV measure- ments and the GeoGauge and LWD moduli were ley 22431 when the comparison was done on a point-by-point basis.

The labora- tory lye involved testing three types of subgrade soils and one subbase aggregate material compacted in a gallon steel drum cut to a maximum height of mm 24 in.