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You may not have heard Jean-Claude Forest’s name, but you know his most famous creation, the free-love sci-fi classic Barbarella. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Book 1 (first collected in ), Barbarella’s. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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While the dialogue deserves derision, Jean-Claude Forest’s artwork shines. Her erotic appeal was often remarked on by the media, but to Forest this was only one aspect of its success. It’s good for novelity’s sake, but it’s probably not worth the hype. An Unfettered History book. Barbarella was the vanguard of a Sixties wave of liberated comics heroines in France and elsewhere. Not as cheesy as the Fonda move, but Barbs classically overpowered a guard with sex.

And Barbarella is never punished for this, which somehow still feels refreshing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Barbarella is story of a space-faring hero working her way through a variety of barbarlla sci-fi problems – wars between nations, an evil hunter going after genetically modified prey.

Barbarella was relaunched as an ongoing series by American publisher Dynamite Entertainment in December You may not have heard Jean-Claude Fores t’s name. The comic stands well on its own, too. Silly stuff, and always was, but an amusing read. We’ve made contact with the membrane! These are only minor changes if you ignore the ways in which readers take them together.


Barbarella is a fictional heroine in a French science fiction comic book created by Jean-Claude Forest. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Jane Fonda is the spitting image of the illustrated Barbarella, which is neat. Right to the end, he was busy as a consultant on a proposed animated version from Nelvana, and as a collaborator with Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier on a new American Barbarella comic book.

Barbarella | The Comics Journal

I don’t know when it was I first saw the movie but I found myself highly entertained by the crazy costumes, psychedelic colors and groovy soundtrack.

Barbarella remains highly influential, and through it Jean-Claude Forest’s legacy lives on. Or is it a burlesque spin on sci-fi?

Maybe you haven’t read the comic. It led me to come up with Barbarella. By far, one of the weirdest books I’ve read. This article is about the comic bararella. But her choices throughout the comic ripple out beyond their individual panel borders, and those ripples interact with one another—altering the larger reading experience.

Jean-Claude Forest regarded his creation as the futuristic extrapolation of the modern, free-love-practicing, empowered woman. Nevertheless it received rave reviews and from a modest initial foredt, it would go on to sellcopies. If you first encountered Barbarella through the psychedelically colorful film, as most do, the simplicity of Forest’s art can feel a little jarring.

The issues of consent sometimes feel a little murky, as is too often the case in fiction from this time period, but Barbarella’s enjoyment of these encounters is never in doubt.

A character named Dildano who captains a phallus-shaped spaceship? This first collection, wrestled into book form by Grove Press and graced with a somewhat clumsy translation a later edition from Humanoids features a new translation by Kelly Sue DeConnick has a tendency to be a bit abrupt in transitions thanks to the original forwst.

He’s not exactly barbqrella legend in American comics circles. Books by Jean-Claude Forest. Barbarellathe creation that would make Foresh internationally famous, originated in as a comic strip in the French periodical V Magazine.

Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest

After reading the comic, I realize it’s pretty similar in tone and aesthetic to its source material, and lifts heavily from this volume to create its plot. Maybe you haven’t even seen the movie. Views Read Edit View history.

Barbarella was controversial in the Claud, where it was widely discussed as the first adult comic book, although that wasn’t precisely true.

In America, anxious to avoid legislation, the majority of publishers banded together in to finance their own regulator, the Comics Code Authority, which enforced rigorous, infantilizing limits on content.

But you know his most famous creation. Dialogue like the following as Barbarella’s and Dildano’s ship encounters a massive jellyfish? I read this edition, which was translated and published in English in the ’60s, and the translation felt kind of clunky to me not that I know French. You just have to go with the flow, errr the plot. This recent English translation from collects all of the first series of Barbarella comic strips originally published in V magazine between and For the next two years, at the rate of eight pages every three months, I told her adventures, going with the flow of inspiration, without any pre-planning.

So, as you can imagine, I’m a teensy bit focused on Jean-Claude Forest’s work. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.