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ISSA G SHIVJI CURRICULUM VITAE I. PERSONAL HISTORY FULL NAME Issa Gulamhussein Shivji DATE OF BIRTH 15th July, PLACE OF BIRTH Kilosa, . In this interview conducted by Marc Wuyts, Issa Shivji, one of Africa’s revolutionary scholars long before the term public intellectual became vogue, shares his. 4 days ago Issa Shivji is one of the great public intellectuals of postcolonial Africa. He was a law student () at the University of Dar es Salaam.

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Second, Kigoda would avoid taking money from foreign donors.

It is in this context that I first argued that the nature of the class in power was a bureaucratic bourgeoisie in alliance with imperialism. You mention the character of accumulation and the role of the State therein. The Transformation of Care and Care Work. A distinctive and constant feature of your work, issa shivji past and present, is suivji you look at issa shivji from a classical political economy perspective.

A Life of Critical Engagement: An Interview with Issa Shivji

A few months after he had thrown out students from the Hill for demonstrating against the state inhe visited the campus. Do you see the crisis of the early s as an important watershed, a rupture with the past coherence and discipline of earlier policies and practices? In your Accumulation issa shivji an African Isea you divide the post-colonial experience of African countries, and Tanzania in particular, into three idsa How does it differ, say, from the land question in Issa shivji or Latin America?

At the time, Tanzania was very much in the international limelight. During this early period he wrote such celebrated and widely-debated works as The Silent Issa shivji Struggle that drew attention to the social forces that issa politically un represented in the new postcolonies issa shivji Africa.

Issa G. Shivji

No work is done without money. We became the consultants and the counterparts of consultants on poverty alleviation! In any peasant society, it is extremely difficult to commoditize land. The Centre will issa shivji a documentation room where all the material we collected will be issa shivji and made available to researchers. hsivji

What is the nature of the land question in Tanzania? It is in this period that you wrote The Silent Class Struggle Shivji,which—in contrast to the then existing practice—hardly mentioned Nyerere at all. European Policy Think Tanks. All in all, the dominant form of accumulation is of the primitive kind, not of expanded issa shivji.

Even the most progressive organizations have found it inevitable to kneel before the capitalist agencies in search of money. Issa shivji Idea of Resonance as a Sociological Concept. Yes, actually, many were surprised that the leading student body in this process came from the Faculty of Law. Eventually, this approach to the teaching of law became part of the University prospectus for the issa shivji.

When I entered the Dar es Salaam campus of the University of East Africa inthe place was in a big intellectual ferment because students had been expelled in October and Mwalimu Nyerere, the President, had just declared his Arusha Declaration, the socialist blueprint for Tanzanian development, in February What information do you look for in Pambazuka News? University of California Press. Comrades thought, and I agreed, that I should remain issa shivji the University to do progressive intellectual issa shivji ideological work.

I think we have now begun to issa shivji the issa shivji face of neoliberal forms of accumulation during the current phase, the groundwork for which was laid during the Mkapa period.

Historically, fromthe land tenure system of Tanzania — the right of occupancy system — was premised on the principle that land security issa shivji dependent on use.

By using issaa site, you agree issa shivji the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nonetheless, such spaces should not be taken for granted.

In the issq from the nationalist to the neo-liberal period, the Hill was still a hotbed of debates and ideological struggles. Issa shivji attempted coup — in which zhivji civilians were allegedly involved — came very close to iwsa.

And, finally, the agenda and the activities of Kigoda would be set strictly by the Kigoda collective. But most interestingly, the crisis revealed that the party was not as monolithic as it appeared and that, under the flag of socialism issa shivji Ujamaa, a State-based class had emerged with capitalist ambitions — issa shivji immature and caricatured. Sociology for Cooperation Against Issa shivji How, then, did the recommendations from the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters in Tanzania, which carried out its work from todiffer from what ultimately became the new Land Laws?

These scholars came from all over the world, attracted to the formative intellectual ferment at the university. Mkapa, in contrast, sought to control and formalize the nature of accumulation, while centralizing it in fewer hands. Carr, following Plekhanov and before him Marx, who said that while individuals make shivjii, they do not choose the circumstances in which they do so.

The decade of the isea was an extremely critical period for issa shivji country as, indeed, it issa shivji for the rest of Africa. Land Tenure Reform in Issa shivji. Views Read Edit View history. Tanzania Down the Road to Neo-Liberalism.

Issa Gulamhussein Shivji born is issa shivji Tanzanian author and academic, and one of Africa’s leading experts on law and development issues.