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One of Latin America’s most important and prolific writers, Griselda Gambaro has Information for Foreigners is a drama of disappearance, an experimental. Information for foreigners: three plays. Front Cover. Griselda Gambaro. Northwestern University Press, Mar information. QR code for Information for foreigners. Information for Foreigners by Griselda Gambaro – book cover, description, publication history.

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Scene 11 The guide looks into a tall box in the hallway and opens it to reveal a man in a loincloth. While theater in itself is not torture, its aim is to let the spectator experience pain, but from a distanced perspective, so that it can be understood.

Information for Foreigners

The other Guide tells him they must hurry into the next room, for if they miss the beginning they won’t understand anything. Gambaro stipulates that it should occur multiple overlapping times as different groups move through the same part of the house. Views Read Edit View history. The men foreigneds she was never there and carry off the corpse singing.

The guide leads the group out saying they entered the wrong room and will go dancing. The audience is affected in such a way as to confuse them, and to question who is truly responsible for the staged acts, as well as the real-life instances of torture. The guide has the group follow the men out and after they enter a new room and audience member opens the door to follow and is hit by a club. The police come to clean up and find the shoe.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then men recite a poem by Juan Gelman. This perceived normalcy combines audience participation and action, to a certain extent. As it enters the house, the audience is split into groups, which are each led by a Guide who takes them from one scene to the next.

By engaging the audience as participants of the play, an exploration occurs around the way political systems affect people and the reactions people gabmaro against the terror political systems such as the one in Argentina often impose on citizens.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat It might not speak as loud for someone who does not have a troubled history behind, but, irrespective of that, its genius cannot be denied. The idea that this is only a performance and no one would be actually harmed would be too prevalent in my mind, to allow myself act on my impulses foteigners do something.

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Griselda Gambaro – “Information for Foreigners” | Alexandru Thinks Theater

In Scene 11, the two tour guides once again interact with each other. The play ends with the twentieth scene which all groups are to watched together in one large room.

The lights go out and come back on to reveal three men and a woman who have appeared. Scene 3 A girl in wet clothes is sitting in a gamgaro.

Soon police come and beat half of the players with large clubs. He is then is killed by the “child monster” with a finger handgun. Throughout the play, the audience sees various levels of power, control, and authority. Scene 20 Each of the guides leads their groups into one large room to watch this, the final ingormation together. One of Latin America’s most important and prolific writers, Griselda Gambaro has focused on the dynamics of repression, complicity, and violence–specifically, the terror of violent regimes and their foreiigners effects on the moral framework of society.

Gambaro is Argentina’s most celebrated playwright, and she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship inas well as many other prizes.

Scene 7 This scene is a continuation of scene 3. He leads the audience away, passing a door where a death rattle is heard. The guide informatjon the audience there is another way in and opens a box in the hall. This site uses cookies.

Information For Foreigners

This section is in constant transition, but I will update it as necessary. Personally, I applaud Gambaro for her dedication to her own identity as an Argentine, and I honestly think that it is one of the best theater performances I have encountered so far.

He puts his hand up her skirt and threatens her with this pistol. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He says hello to the man in the box then closes it again.

Yet he does nothing to stop the psychologically damaging effects of familial separation. It is not something to be ashamed of, nor foreibners to take pride in.