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IACRA 8710-1 PDF

You are going to fill out the FAA Form for your Military Competency (Mil Comp) to. Commercial Pilot / Instrument rating application by using the IACRA. At the time the IACRA is completed, it also contains the instructor’s recommendation certifying that the pilot is ready for the test. “Ready”. FAA Form , Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application. Supplemental Information and Instructions. Paperwork Reduction Act Statement: The information.

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If the airman chooses to deposit the certificate, an inspector issues a day Temporary Airman Certificate with specific limitations see FigureFAA Form When a limitation is not clearly presented by such a marking, the applicant must be able to state the appropriate value from memory.

When the inspector or examiner determines that the entire flight test must be repeated, the flight test should not be continued, but should be immediately terminated. Suggested briefing outlines are included on the job aids. FAA Form Figure 5— Inspectors should review the front side of the application form as follows: The reexamination may be conducted using an oral or knowledge test, devised by the inspector, if the area to be reexamined is one of knowledge rather than skill or flight proficiency.

The oral testing must be done before the flight testing. Also, one could argue that you’re now burdening a CFI and client with additional paperwork computer-work and bureaucracy that didn’t exist before. Enter weight in pounds. My speculation is that it’s like the flight time entries on the – optional except for the prerequisites for the certificate or rating supplied for, but suggested as a good idea to have a record of some information in the case iacga a later lost logbook.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with iacda aircraft logbooks.

form 1 –

The following terms have been auto-detected the question above and any answers or discussion provided. No set duration for the test is appropriate.

The inspector conducting the practical test, or an Airworthiness inspector, should review the aircraft maintenance records, aircraft logbook, airworthiness certificate, and aircraft registration to determine if the aircraft is Airworthy and suitable for the reexamination test. The applicant presents the knowledge test to the examiner, who then checks in the IACRA to see if it is valid and attests that he or she has verified the test.

As a result of this problem, the language on the form iacea revised to comply with the new rule. In such cases, the identification procedures employed must be disclosed by the inspector or examiner on the application, or, if necessary, in a separate statement.

If the airman elects for temporary deposit, issue FAA Form Figure with appropriate limitations. It doesn’t serve your interests, and costs you, and maybe someone else, some time. The examiner destroys the superseded certificate by punching a hole in the FAA symbol with a hole punch. The events that must be evaluated on each flight test are specified by regulation or determined by the Administrator.

The airman may also volunteer to surrender the certificate in question for cancellation. Please ensure that there is a current Airworthiness Directives AD compliance list and that the applicable AD statuses are easy to determine. Block 1c, Certification Number. Apr 21, Messages: The inspector reaches this conclusion either through reliable reports, personal knowledge, or on the basis of evidence obtained through an accident, incident, or enforcement investigation.

The process is completely electronic. There must be ample or probable cause for requesting the reexamination.


However, the inspector cannot allow the airman to postpone the reexamination indefinitely. The airman must be informed in detail of each deficiency. I had a guy who hadn’t flown in 4 years and expected me to sign him off on the first flight. Whether the flight test is continued or not after a failure, the inspector or examiner must issue the applicant FAA Form EverskywardDec 19, Nov 25, Messages: If you flew a solo cross country, you iacrw record that time in both columns.

You go to a club CFI with the same information and they can then electronically sign your application.

Since aircraft type designations are frequently changed, a current listing of the designations may be obtained at http: Any documentation supporting the need for reexamination, a copy of the original notification letter sent to the airman, and any evidence of the efforts made to obtain voluntary reexamination should be attached.