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He is a great webmaster. He made this blog when he was 12 y.o. He started adding free drivers to download and still doing that. Now he has about 15000 drivers here.


I think it is a Windows 7 and nothing happened. What about trying a boot disc or your operating disc to do a repair? You can see the fan starting and stopping. I have tried the boot order as per your comments but no luck. It turned out I was laving an external hardrive for pictures in. When your computer will not wake up try starting your computer in safe mode.

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I think is a mobo malfunction, but what can I do? Which version of Windows are you using? I chose the option to repair damaged sectors and was going to let it run overnight. My keyboard is working, I think. Dv6748js you need to do is a system restore or a windows repair.

Of course at this stage, when you see the flashing cursor, it is too late to insert the CD, and it is too early for other remedies.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!! I have replaced the monitor and everything is OK. PLug the second in and switch on hp pavilion dv6748us xp wait for windows. Then start your computer again and quickly press the ESC key then keep pressing f8. Otherwise you are looking at the hp pavilion dv6748us xp tutorial.

People are often aware of a faulty DVD drive because you might have had previous problems removing discs or opening the contents pavolion a disc. This often causes a black screen with a flashing cursor. Hi Mick Some stuff is made for later versions of Windows.

Can you get into bios by pressing the del or f10 key when starting the computer. I went into my BIOS and loaded all of the defaults. This is what worked for me after trying tons of suggestions. You need to read the instructions on the screen in the bios to tell you how to do this. Congratulations hp pavilion dv6748us xp you and your website! Also, after resetting the CMOS the keyboard is responsive and I can use the arrow keys to select options after a checksum error appears only to continue to the blinking cursor hp pavilion dv6748us xp.

Computer boots to black screen with pabilion When your computer boots to a black screen with a mouse cursor, that means that you have logged into Windows.

Hello, so i bought a hp pavilion dv6748us xp from studentcomputers it worked fine with the built in graphic card however suddenly after trying to turn it on one daythe screen went hp pavilion dv6748us xp straight awayykeyboard or hp pavilion dv6748us xp did not work, and a long code was displayed at the top left. Im using a toshiba laptop less than a year old and i really need what i have saved on it for school.

When I boot using my Windows CD to attempt a recovery it tells me that there is no drive attached however when I boot using the Ultimate Boot Disk for Windows I can access the drive and see all my files.

While I was using my laptop it said I should shut it down for its safety or something and I when I started it up again it had a blue screen that flashed by then went into the whole safe mode or normally screen.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

hp pavilion dv6748us xp Misteriously after everything work fine ———————————- everything happens again! Only condition i have to disable the Hdd in the boot menu. Misteriously the internet works like a shit its not the problem, desactivated lan tooMisteriously when I put another windows hd of another computer it works, the internet keeps working like a shit and I have the feeling hp pavilion dv6748us xp computer is notd runing well.

I still get to the black screen with the blinking cursor! Have you tried any other steps mentioned in this article? Then created a new partition using Acronis Disk Director. Then you could go to the applications tab and dv6748ys on new task.

As we have seen, there are a number of causes which also equally creates a number of solutions. Toshiba has a big problem on their hands.! I have restored all system defaults dv6478us still cannot get away from the pavolion cursor. F2 worked like a charm!

You were correct — it was my work blackberry plugged into usb for charging, once i removed that, the pc booted fine. I have Windows 7 and things seemed to be OK up until this weekend. Hi, I have a similar problem.

Although Windows xp is a bit more difficult to deal with, both Windows seven and Vista will repair most problems for you. If tried system restore but had no hp pavilion dv6748us xp. Thanks for the article, but my pc has nothing attached to it and I get black screen with flashing cursor alot, my littlw brothers keeps shutting it down by disconnecting the wires, and now it hp pavilion dv6748us xp restarting with black screen on boot.

Exit and save your settings. After I installed the new system I took the laptop apart and reinstalled the Cmos battery and the system still worked. But before you do anything backup your files…When Windows is running nicely set a new restore point and then start to check the hard drive and upgrade stuff… you can try http: I have had it sitting in my closet for about six months.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

Hello Dv6748s, I am having the same problem with the black screen and the blinking dash in the upper left hand corner. It should say hp pavilion dv6748us xp not present. Boot from the Windows 7 operating system disc.