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Achtung Panzer! (Paperback, New Ed) / Author: Heinz Guderian ; ; Theory of warfare & military science, Warfare & defence, Social sciences. Panzer warfare had come of age, exactly as he had first English translation of Heinz Guderian’s classic book – used as a textbook. This is the defining book on the theory and practise of tank warfare, by the man who became one of Hitler s most able generals.

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Achtung Panzer!

Hienz never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. Want to Read saving…. How major general Heinz Guderian used the German Panzer.

A lot of technical details make this read not necessarily a “pleasure” read, but scholars and history buffs will love Guderian’s in-depth analysis also, the ending of the book ends on an interesting flourish commonly found in ancient Greek texts, where the writer invokes the favour of the gods for victory, revealing Guderian’s classical education, common for officers in that era, adding a personal touch to this purposeful study.

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There are chapters on the organisation of German panzer units and how they fit in with other arms to work together and achieve objectives. If you don’t know anything about WWII, steer clear of this one. User Review – Flag as inappropriate If only Arabs Egyptians and Syrians have read this book and Mastered the theory and practice preached in this masterpiece textbook, they wouldn’t have been humiliated by the Israelis so often. That of using the tank as the primary weapon to achieve victory.

But, not only that, he discusses the change from the tank being an infantry support vehicle to being its own separate divisional unit. It’s perhaps the last 4th of the book that contains the more straightforward discussion of what is needed to create such a force and how to employ it using surprise and terrain, and deploying the force ‘en masse’ at a decisive point, and his insistence on the use of radios, being the most memorable ones for me. Looking for beautiful books?

If ever you find a ugderian parked in your driveway and suddenly develop a need to invade a small gurerian.

Achtung – Panzer! – Wikipedia

One of the most talented military commanders of the 20th century begins with thorough dissection of WW1 positional warfare, proceeds to analyse allied tank attacks at the Somme, Cambrai and Soisson and then prognoses, how the future of tanks and war in general looks. Born inHeinz Guderian served in World War One, came to Hitler’s attention inwas made corps commander of Panzer troops and promoted to General in Also it would be great to update the maps of the battles.

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A very, very interesting read. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. After the war Guderian played the book and his own role up a little bit but he was undoubtedly an important player in the development of Germany’s Panzer Forces. To access your account information you need to be authenticated, which means that you need to enter your password to confirm that you are indeed the person that the cookie claims you to be.

Guderian made a superior analisys of the reasons for the collapse of the WW I german frontlines after the introduction of tanks by France, UK and USA, and explained why some of the advantages created by their use were not use in the best way, specially because the tank forces were subordinate to the infantry, were used only as a close support for infantry, conducted by officers from other army forces that were not experienced in their comand, loosing all the offensive push and tactical advantage and the fact that they were, at the begining, use in small numbers.

Dec 22, Edu Okada rated it it was amazing.

However, whenthe Russian invasion failed in the winter ofGuderian was forced to resign, not to regain his position untilwhen the war was all but lost. Guderian is considered to be the brain behind the Blitzkrieg strategy and one of the leading tank warfare tacticians.

Dec 23, Alex Ott rated it really liked it. Other books in this series. Looking for beautiful books? Guderian’s treatise on the importance of tank development, and on modern mechanized technology, shows exactly why the Germans dominated land warfare in the early stage of the fighting.

Lo que nos cuenta. When distilled down to its most basic components, Guderian was an innovator in the application of a relatively new technology though we tend not to view these things through that lens. Retrieved from ” https: The author lays out the problem and provides his insight in resolving the mistakes of the past.

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This is one of the most significant military books of the twentieth century. Guide To Better Acol Bridge. Were they prepared or did they wait to be confronted and then try to solve the puzzle. The Pxnzer World War: First of all I will admit that I love this book.

Later he discusses the effects of the Treaty of Achthng upon the German armed forces before detailing the recovery from the setbacks the Treaty caused in terms of development of mechanised forces.