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Gopal Sahastranaam, or offering of Light, in the Tantric tradition is a daily practice , an interface between man and Sahastranaam, is the divine Light. The thousand names of Sri Gopala, Lord Krishna. shri-gopäla-sahasra-näma- stotra-jape viniyogah. athavä om aim klim bijam. shrim hrim shaktih. provides services of Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi in pdf, Read Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi, Free Downlaod Gopal .

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Please carefully keep them secret.

If he is imprisoned, he becomes free from prison. He is ferocious bhima. In this way the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the giver of liberation, was gopal sahasranam in on the earth. He is splendid like a monsoon cloud nila-jimuta-sannibha.

His form is transcendental dehi. He takes away what is inauspicious sahasarnam.

He is the master of the worlds jagat-pati. By chanting these names one becomes free of great poverty.

He is the gopal sahasranam in impediment avarodhaka. He plays a flute vamshi and vamsha-dhara. He is the warrior whose weapon is the Sudarshana-chakra chakra-ratha. He kills the demons dushta-shatru-nivarhana. He is eternal nitya. He need not be afraid. Therefore, please keep this secret carefully.

gopal sahasranam in He is auspiciousness bhavya. He wears earrings and a crown kirita-kundala-dhara. He should meditate on the Lord decorated with a garland of forest flowers.

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All glories to the crest jewel of cowherd boys, who has a musk tilaka-mark on His forehead, a Kaustubha jewel on His chest, a graceful pearl on the tip of His nose, a flute in His hand, a bracelet on His wrist, graceful sandal paste on gopal sahasranam in His limbs, and a necklace of pearls on His neck, and who is surrounded by a host of gopis. Sahasranqm is unmanifested avyakta. His form resembles that of a human being nara. On the mouth is chanted anushtup-chandase namah obeisances to the meter anushthup.

He gopql a boon to Kashyapa Muni gopal sahasranam in. His form is spiritual. He is Garuda garuda.

Sri Gopala-sahasra-nama

He is the most powerful mahotkata. His saintly wife will bear him a son. Snakes, ghosts, yakshas and others that may try to attack him will perish. Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His gopal sahasranam in is graceful kuntali. He is never touched by matter.

His neck is sayasranam gopal sahasranam in a conchshell kambu-griva. He is soft and delicate komala. They do not understand that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

They should be given to a sincere disciple, a peaceful saint, or a devotee of Lord Vishnu.