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Exhaust Pipe Venting Information . Manual reset switches are factory installed on burner box. after unit lockout, eliminating nuisance calls for service. Repair Parts List. 69 Refer to Engineering Handbook for additional information. **Consider . G61MPV units are CSA International certified to ANSI. Z Installation and service must be per- formed by a information, consult material safety data sheets available shut off the manual gas valve to the furnace before shutting off . G61MPV units are equipped with a SureLight® ignition sys- tem.

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Diagnostic lights flash the prove switch code. A pilot indentation is provided in the which could cause an unsafe condition. Check 24 and volts to board. Problem is characterized by nuisance flame failures. If the air intake vent pipe or outlet vent pipe becomes obstructed during operation, unih switch senses a change of negative pressure and opens the circuit to the furnace control and gas valve.

Flame sensed without gas valve energized.

The breaker can be manually reset by pressing the button on the face. Humidity demand satisfied between thermostat demands unit off cycle. Outdoor Exhaust Accelerator Dia. Comments Compressor demand and indoor blower speed controlled by thermostat demand Dehumidification mode does not begin until after initial thermostat demand is satisfied and new cooling demand is initiated. If vertical discharge through an existing unused stack is required, insert PVC pipe inside the stack until the end is even with the top or outlet end of the metal stack.

Maintenance Set burner box assembly aside. See figure 50 for the White Rodgers 36E valve.


All horizontal runs of exhaust pipe must slope back toward unit. Re- move burner box from the unit. On heat demand first or second stage the srvice senses that the combustion air inducer is operating. One blink equals approximatley CFM. These controls should be properly labeled by the installer.

Service Manuals | Engineering Documents | Commercial HVAC | Lennox Commercial

Board 49M59 finds the lowest ignitor temperature which will successfully light the burner, thus increasing the life of the ignitor. Replace any broken lines.

Acceptable Humidity level rises significantly 2 or more above setpoint. See installa- Combustion air inducer energizes 7. Before attempting any service, make sure the indoor unit is causing the interference.

Gas valves can be damaged if subjected to more than 0. Use only your hand to push the lever or turn the gas control knob. If the system exceeds this amount, the blower may enter a cut back”, mode wherein it then slows down to protect itself from electrical damage.

The vent should be checked for proper draw with the remaining appliance. The box has pressure taps for the CAI prove switch hoses.

Page 23 I Unit Components. If Intake and Exhaust Pipe is less than 12 in. See Condensate Piping section for part numbers. Unit may have multiple power supplies. V Typical Operating Characteristics.

After a factory default 10 minute recognition period, the unit will switch llterature second stage heat. The maximum carbon monoxide reading should not exceed ppm.

G61MPV Service Literature G61MPV SERIES UNITS

Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service. Internal Operation Each time the controller switches a stator winding figure 10 on and off, it is called a pulse. Repair or replace any improperly installed literatuee lines. See installation instructions for proper procedure.

Once self check is complete and all safety switches are operational, heat call can continue. Remove heat exchanger from furnace cabinet.