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“Eigenbeleg”. You need to inform the tax office (“Finanzamt”) about the fee as part of your earnings (“Einnahmen”) when submitting your tax declaration. Steuerbelege verloren – mit Eigenbeleg & Co Sanktionen vermeiden statt oder hakt der Sachbearbeiter im Finanzamt bei einem Ausgabenposten in der. Tuesday, 31 July Site Map · Privacy Policy · Terms & Conditions · Contact Us · My Account · facebook20 · twitter20 · web-logo.

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Or must they as you say, from on state explicitly what they want me to send them? I received a letter from the finanzamt saying that i owe money for taxes, i havent filed yet because i thought i had more time, so I emailed them saying i could pay the amount just not right away, but they still froze my account a month later, Im gonna file the taxes this week online, how long does elster usually take to mail the activation code?

I thought Vorsorgensleistung meant pension benefits which I don’t claim. I have the majority of the receipts, but some are missing mostly petrol receipts, but also certain accommodation receipts.

Filing a tax return – help on how to file – Page 36 – Finance – Toytown Germany

Carrying the loss backward is only possible up to one year into the past. There finnanzamt no need to “declare” the transfer to anyone else and no taxation liability for the transfer, assuming the money is yours in the first place.

After about 8 weeks expect the letter from the Finanzamt sending you back your original invoices and the Bescheid. I imagine it was cut and pasted from the first questionnaire.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Finanxamt an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Yes, it’s called Verlustvortrag and is done automatically by the Finanzamt.

I would recommend submitting an e-mail information exchange statement1 with the tax office ASAP they need this form with a signature. I have read private mobile phone bill for 20 EUR per month eigenbleeg acceptable when it is not clearly distinguishable between personal and official usage and it is not paid by employer?

Übernachtungsteuer (City Tax)

It seems that this effectively makes it impossible to get the due deductions from having spouse with no taxable income. Just a confirmation that I understood correctly – the cost of travel, for an employee from home to work and back is only counted one way, correct? Posted 5 May There are a couple of queries I have about the thing but my main one regards section No point worrying till then.

Would that be all right, or would it raise eyebrows down at the Finanzamt? In my case, I gave what tools I had left to friends, most of the expensive ones having been stolen last year by a gang of young gypsies from over the border. Depending on how poor a country is judged, the German Finanzamt has put all countries into groups groups for and and from 1. If you have lost an invoice you are allowed to write on a blank piece of paper, e. I still keep my residence in India.

After you submitted electronically, did you print out the summary, sign it and finanzzmt it by snail mail or hand it in to the Finanzamt? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Questions about Taxes and Frozen accounts.

Will the Finanzamt quibble about this, or even accuse me of making a fraudulent claim? Only for children up to 14 if both parents work if only one parents works only from age 3 to 6 and if you paid via bank transfer into the carer’s bank account.

You might want to also consider changing your account to a P-Konto until you sort all of this out. Does someone have an update link for the list of countries? They’re obviously costs which I’m incurring in renovating the house, but what exactly is the protocol here?

February the total amount of your employees’ gross salaries, and up till So if you want to get it over with for sure and be allowed to throw away the invoices after you have received the Bescheid which is not advisable, you should keep everything at least 5 years filed in a folder at the back of your cupboard attach the originals and let them jot down in their files that they have seen them and that everything is ok.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted 16 Dec I ll update on monday. Thanks for eigenbfleg assistance, ill gather all the papers and fill them out, i saw a guide on doing them in english on Toytown so i bookmarked it, then ill mail it all to the finanzamt, I also need to include all my invoices in the mail as eiegnbeleg I’m starting to get annoyed with you.

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