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JEITA EIAJ Standards (as of August in ). General System, Category and Title , Spec. No. (Test No.) Life Test, JEITA EIAJ ED/ Life TestⅠ, Steady. EIAJ EDA – Read more about eiaj, jeita and EIAJ ED ꞉ (EN) Enviado por Selvakpm Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd.

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Climatic test methods C: From the circumstance above, wedecided to establish the drop test standard. Maximum allowable supply voltage Load: Repeat the cycles specified in the detail specifications.

In this test, the printed circuit board, solderability, and the SMD may cause complex effects. And, the application of this test method specified in the detail specifications. However, the TEG is used for partial evaluation only, eiau it is not appropriate that it is used to find out either the synergy of or the effect on the actual devices or the failures caused by mismatching. Purpose of this standard This standard was being established at IEC.

In addition, the drop test has mainly performed with the conditions from cellular phone makers and other mobile device makers. Carrier Durability 26 Alpha Ray As per supplier’s evaluation method. Quality Assurance Guidelines for Bare Die. Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Life test I. These temperatures adopted by car manufacturers were additionally noted as one of the test conditions. In-line evaluation methods and structural analysis methods for semiconductor devices.

B T H B Temperature: The soldering strength in this case depends very much on the mount methods, the mount conditions, the used materials, the printed wiring boards, and so on. The semiconductor devices that are made with the object of being mounted on printed circuit boards by means of the surface mounting method.

About mechanical stress measurement method for SMD mounted on board CSP-BGA packages installed on a circuit board will be subjected to mechanical stress in any event stated below.

The items below should be followed by the terms and conditions specified in the individual standard. The measurement method for defects in Silicon Carbide Wafer by photoluminescence.

Mechanical stress test methods for semiconductor surface mounting devices. The ambient temperature when the specimen is stored in inoperative state.

3-3 Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

Component is then to be bended about 90 degrees fd-4702 2 to 3 seconds and back to original position with same speed. The test equipment shall be set so that the temperature of the specimen is set to the values specified in Table 1. Miscellaneous test methods 2 Endurance tests Test by devices D: Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Stress test II. This test method considers the following situation in field use.

These values are not specified. Temperature temperatures of external Temperature cycle test environment and a gap of 5. Thank you for your participation! Electrical characteristics should be checked while testing.

JEITA assumes absolutely no responsibility toward parties applying these standards or toward patent owners. However, it is necessary for the simulation to be carried out with huge calculation using the finite element solution method.

Factor example Evaluation method example Temporary bending Displacement the package of X Stress to the joint strain Deformation strain speed Stress to the joint Board bending limit test mm does not break Repeated bending Hitting keys X times does not break the package. It is recommended that, as much as possible, the electrical resistance of the specimen at maximum and minimum storage temperature to be measured continuously during the test.

Sharp-Reliability Test Standard for IC_图文_百度文库

The time required for the test was not specified because it was impossible to specify the hold time with number of operating conditions and of to-be-guaranteed conditions, existing on the market.

Request for Reliability Data We thank you very much for your close cooperation with us in securing the quality and reliability of parts and components purchased by us from your company and delivering them smoothly eiqj us. Then, the hold time was specified as 7 eaij at least. Calculation of Useful Life Attached Paper?