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Silencio, voz y escritura en Eduardo Galeano (Ediciones de Iberoamericana = Editionen der Iberoamericana. Paperback. Books by Diana Palaversich. Showing . diana palaversich studies Latin American Studies and 20th Century American Literature. Diana Palaversich is the author of De Macondo a McOndo; Senderos de la postmodernidad latinoamericana ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 1 review, published

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My research belongs to the broad field of Latin American literary and cultural studies. In my work I analyse the intrinsic link between literary production on the continent and social, political and material conditions. Since the early s my research has focused on Mexico, in particular fiana the cultural production in its northern border region.

My work in this field centres on three key considerations: My current project centres on the historical evolution of the Mexican narconovela from a subversive regional discourse in the s—written in opposition to the Mexican government and Mexican mainstream culture—to a commodity sold on the global cultural market in the XXI century. Some indicators of the wider social relevance of my work: We acknowledge the Bedegal people who are the traditional custodians of the lands on which UNSW Kensington palavereich is located.

PRV Page last updated: Wednesday, 28th Sep This page is dynamically generated. Combining outstanding scholarship with a commitment to public engagement, social impact and an international perspective.

Diana Palaversich sobre la narcocultura | Instituto Cervantes de Sídney | Flickr

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Our alumni and supporters are an integral part of our community. Associate Professor Diana Palaversich. Senderos de la postmodernidad latinoamericana From Macondo to McOndo: La figura del narcotraficante’, in Lopez Baldano C ed. Ensayos sobre narrativas contemporaneasCorregidor, Buenis Aires, pp.

Associate Professor Diana Palaversich | UNSW Research

Navegando el noroeste con Gabriel Trujillo’, in Guedea R ed. Una mirada oceanica a la cultura hispanicaedn.

First, Alfaguara, Mexico, pp. Lik narko-bosa disna kolumbijskim telenovelama’, Etnoantropoloski Problemivol. Moviendo fronteras de la literatura mexicana’, Symposium – Quarterly Journal in Modern Literaturesvol.

Palaversich, Diana

Homosexuality and political dissidence in the narrative of Reinaldo Arenas and John Rechy’, Hispanofilapp. Un flaneur en Tijuana’, Literatura Mexicanavol. Social stigma, homosexual panic and violence in Latin American writing’, Chasqui – Revista de Literatura Latinoamericanavol.