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ISBN: ; Year of the edition: ; Number of pages: 64; Cover : paperback; Original title: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme; Original. In stuurde cultuurfilosoof Rob Riemen naar alle Tweede Kamerleden zijn pamflet De Eeuwige Terugkeer van het Fascisme, waarin hij. Esai filsafat Kekekalan Laten Fasisme Judul asli: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme Pengarang: Rob Riemen Harga: Rp Tebal: 60 hlm.

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The second essay is in the form of ancient Greek, or Enlightenment, dialog. What an important little book.

Nobility of Spirit

Book is added to the cart – finish purchase. Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. We need not less science, but more philosophy and morality. Reviews Schrijf een review.

For it is meaningless. Reading this book was an attempt to delve a bit more deeply into fascism. The first of the 2 essays that make up this volume is excellent – we need to call fascism for what it is, and the lies fascism tells about itself. Because of this, there is always hope, but as value is measured in numbers and money in the west and money there is always a danger that we will descend into populism and then on into something far far worse.

We have complete freedom if we choose, but what do we choose to do with it? Rato sin escuchar con agrado a un europeo, de una sociedad con un impecable estado de bienestar, furioso con su continente.

Una idea olvidada Taurus, And done precious little good — and before you go on about medicine, learning to wash our hands and indoor plumbing covered most of the health gains, and a couple key vaccines the rest, and vaccines are no longer being sought because they are not profitable apart from the yearly flu shotand in much of the west life expectancy gains have either stalled or gone backwards.

All these intellectually unstimulating economic problems and so on will take care of themselves, once we deal with the real issue.

The loss of philosophy – the care of the soul and attention to immaterial realities – opens eeuwiye way to barbarism – fascism. Verkoop door hjam van der steen. According to him, we are in deep civilizational crisis, a crisis of true, spiritual values, and he notes that “Wilders is profiting terugkrer this dumbing down, and we must find an answer to it.

It’s been ages since a work of non-fiction moved us this way. Whilst I see how this argument has developed, I tend to disagree. The book begins by recalling the famous novel “The Plague” by Albert Camus: It must be paired with something else that can save humanity and civilization and culture. These things only even exist in It has a couple decent points, but I have no love for the world the author lives in.

OTOH he does appear to believe we need to depend upon an enlightened elite to bring us back to a just, cultured society. And it’s so short to have that problem so deeply.

The eternal return of fascism (2nd edition) – TIM press

Riemen’s Nobility of Spirit is intended as a meditation on the forces that threaten civilization and, no less important, on the forces that are desperately needed to sustain it. Trivia About To Fight Against Het is echter in een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is.

I pine for it. The latter is a European, as well as Croatian old ailment that can be fought only through the construction of public space that shares the spirit of supreme values advocated by Riemen and his work. Es Eurocentrista pero lo es por que el ataque se vascisme en exclusiva a Europa.

We need more humanities in education, more collegium, more democracy in all things. He names populism for what he considers it really is, or at least, what it can develop into, namely Fascism. Which hardly makes sense knowing how little it ever existed, but I once believed in it in the elitist and meritocratic call it a Jeffersonian sense — until I learned what meritocracy truly meant and results in.

View all 3 comments. Norton Company first published An international bestseller, To Fight Against This Age consists of two beautifully written, cogent, and urgent essays about the rise of fascism and the ways in which we can combat it.

| Nobility of Spirit, Rob Riemen | | Boeken

To Fight Against This Age: I liked the first half more than the second. Can certainly see the truth of that More of a pamphlet than anything else, but still an interesting read. Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. It’s no different in principle from and as useless as every other rant that insists that th Extremely weak.

A good thought-provoking read – I read it twice back-to-back – but only an introduction to the subject. De este ensayo rescato: He clearly proves the point that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. The cure to fascism is more democracy, not less. This book is basically two essays, one on the resurrection of fascist politics and one on the soul of Europe.

However, the second essay, while also interesting, offers little in the way of concrete suggestions or directions to actually improve things. To Fight Against This Age is as timely as it is timeless, to be read by those who want to understand and change the world in which they live.

Jan 17, Dan rated it it was amazing.

Overige kenmerken Extra groot lettertype Nee. This return to philosophy as an essentially humanistic endeavor ennobles the soul, and “nobility of spirit is the most potent weapon against the degeneration of democracy More of a pamphlet than anything else, but still an interesting read.

I found it difficult not to interpret this whole latter section of the book as merely the soliloquy of a conservative, upper class, Euro-centric academic, secure and sheltered in his ivory tower of grand hotel symposiums and conferences with like minded intellectuals. The problems are huge, and endemic.

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