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Es una crueldad, pero esa gente que tachais de ignorante, seguramente tenga mucha mas cultura que el americano medio. So, both animals and humans are dying merely for sport. Al contrario que los demas, tambien tiene la posibilidad de salvarse si luchan como auntenticos titanes y convertirse en “sementales” para vivir el resto de su vida solo para procrear con vacas. Is better to come here tu see this Those 4 year old bulls live in the countryside until they come to be killed.

Spanish bulls live his whole life in the country without contact with humans eating whatever tuus like and doing whatever they like; if I would be a bull Ojs would prefer to live my life and die in a fight rather than life as a slave and then die or get killed to eat my meat.

I every year go to San Fermin because it is one of the most incredible parties in the whole world. And onIraq is spelt with a Q in English, not in all languages. You got raped, but it could be worst, you could be bleeded to death too! Cada vez que te comas un filetito piensa que esa carne sale de un animal: No me parece normal, clavarle pinxos a un animal hasta que casi se desangre, para luego atravesarlo con una espada, es una verguenza que en los tiempos que estamos se siga torturando a animales de esta manera.

Most people on Spain hate this ijos National Event.

You don’t like bullfighting? Van a darnos lecciones los yankees Stop parls and the death of inocents, animals and humans. People are so sensitive these days. El que me das asco eres Tu!!

Carmela Paris (Author of Vivir sin nervios)

He is the most noble animal, and he fight all he can, he fight at last. Lets see what happens. You have a social problem: If bulls weren’t killed in the bullrings, they would be killed somewhere else probably to be part of our dietthey wouldn’t be feed this good, wouldn’t spent days in the countryside, running free, before the corridas I am all for tradition though.

This is a primitive, horrible, barbaric tradition that these people should be ashamed of. Os podeis ir por ejemplo carmeka EEUU donde no maltratan animales y todo el mundo es bueno.

Is it for food? Primero acabad con Esperanza Aguirre y despues con todo lo demas Y luego muere alguno en alguna corrida o encierro y la gente se alarma y escandaliza Now go back to this bullfighting tradition.

Cuida Tus Ojos by Carmela Paris | eBay

Having said that, It’s time to stop bullfighting. So horrible when a man kills a bull in a fight. There is nothing macho about a matador.

We have to believe in the bull festival as the surviving of cuifa specie.

Lo triste no es que muera un animal, de hecho antes de comernoslos se matan como todo el mundo debe saber. Write a customer review. I’m Spanish and don’t like the show of a bullfight. I guarantee you that even the most seasoned fighter is nearly crapping his pants every time he steps in that ring.

I think in many countries there are traditions like bullfighting and we have to respect it. But it has a logic and is the only reason for the fighting bull to exist it’s meat is not great -but it’s eaten after the fight- and is a difficult breed to take care of. There are guys, who have no balls, poking and pushing the bull around.

Bullfighting is a one to one fighting where the bullfighter isn’t always unhurt After all who wants to live where everybody actually gets along. I have to be stoped!

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Know body dies in Baseball, yet Americans are supposed to be bloodthirsty? How much you want to bet that a large number of the people who feel bad for these bulls eat beef from cows who grow up in far worse conditions and eat far worse food.

That would be quite stupid and boring.