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Size and obliteration of osteomeatal complex drainage pathways may be .. Participação das variações anatômicas do complexo ostiomeatal na gênese da. La obstrucción del complejo osteomeatal es el factor fisiopatológico desencadenante. El diagnóstico se basa en los hallazgos clínicos y radiológicos. , The Role Of Osteomeatal Complex Anatomical Variants In Chronic Rhinosinusitis [o Papel Das Variantes Anatômicas Do Complexo Ostiomeatal Na .

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For these authors, the contact of mucosal surfaces would be more significant for the sinusitis pathogeny than the size of concha bullosa. Prevalence of incidental abnormalities on computed tomography scans of the paranasal sinuses.

comlpejo Uncinate Process of the Ethmoid Bone We observed that the uncinate process may be deviated or pneumatized. Computerized tomography in the evaluation of anatomic variations of the osteomeatal complex. CT imaging requirements for endoscopic surgery. O complexo ostiomeatal seria formado pelas duas primeiras partes Typically, the curved portion of the middle turbinate points toward the nasal septum.

Relationship between anatomic variations of nasal sinus and chronic sinusitis.

Headaches and sinus disease: Otolaryngol Clin North Osteomeatall ; Only the maxillary and ethmoidal sinuses are present and can pneumatize at birth.

Am J Rhinol ;2: CT studies of patients evaluated for clinical suspicion of sinusopathy were analyzed.

Segundo Lusk et al. In all of the cases, bone algorithm was utilized for documentation, and soft tissues window was utilized in some selected cases. Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol ;64 Supl 2: Computerized tomography in the evaluation of anatomic variations of the ostiomeatal complex. Any of these cells, clefts, ostia, recesses or cavities may be affected by a pathological process, thereby contributing to the symptoms and pathophysiology of sinusitis Figure 1.

Anatomical variants of the ostiomeatal complex: tomographic findings in patients

Anatomic variants in sinonasal CT. It is the epiphyseal platform for the development of the facial skeleton [ 15 ]. Presumably, these variations might induce osteal obstruction, preventing mucus drainage and predisposing to chronic rhinosinusitis. CT examination for endoscopic sinus surgery.

Correlation of clinical sinusitis signs and symptoms to imaging findings in pediatric patients. The ostiomeatal unit and endoscopic surgery: Correlation of clinical examination with computer tomography in paranasal sinus disease.

Agger nasi The agger nasi is the most superior remnant of the first ethmoturbinate, which persists as a mound or tuberosity immediately anterior and superior to the insertion of the middle turbinate 7, There was no difference in its prevalence between patients with and without sinusopathy Tables 1 e 2 1,4.

One has observed that the maxillary sinus opacification was significantly more frequent in cases where the concha bullosa determined osteomeatal complex obliteration Table 6when compared with cases of concha bullosa without osteomeatal complex obliteration. The frontal sinus drainage pathway and related structures. Nasal and paranasal sinus anomalies in children with chronic sinusitis.

It is important to note that the degree of pneumatization found in the population studied by Tonai and Baba 1 was low, which they attribute possibly to a racial factor the study has been developed in Japan.

Otolaryngol Clin North Am. Very small agger nasi cells may be missed during anatomical dissections but not at CT. Anatomical variations in the human paranasal sinus region studied by CT. Hypertrophied uncinate process causes narrowing of the hiatus osteomeatak and the ethmoid infundibulum.

Surgical clearance of these chronically infected sinuses while maintaining their ventilation and osteomeatla is the treatment of choice [ 6 ].

Coronal CT scan abnormalities in children with chronic sinusitis.

The role of osteomeatal complex anatomical variations in chronic rhinosinusitis

Uncinate deviation can impair sinus ventilation especially in the anterior ethmoid, frontal recess and infundibulum regions. To achieve this goal, there should be some diagnostic modalities which guide us towards exact diagnosis and safe intervention.

The approach to patients with chronic rhino sinusitis has changed after Messerklinger published the first comprehensive account of technique of nasal endoscopy and its application to the diagnosis and treatment xomplejo sinonasal diseases [ 2 ].

Anatomy of the paranasal sinuses. Bilateral concha bullosa with septal deviation to right side Arrow. Similar findings were observed by Liu X et al. Infact in various studies the finding of nasal septal deviation ranged from Its obstruction leads to mucosal congestion that decreases air flow and leads to further obstruction [ 5 ]. Imaging of the sinonasal inflammatory disease.

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This involves opening the obstructed ostia to provide normal ventilation with preservation of adjacent mucosa [ 89 ]. This may be an important factor in the genesis of symptoms like lacrimation and frontal sinus disease. Comparison of anatomical variants prevalences in the symptomatic and asymptomatic groups has showed no significant difference Table 1.

Anatomical Variations In our study it was observed that