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circulated provided that proper attribution to the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) is made. CLUP GUIDEBOOK A Guide to Comprehensive. CLUP GUIDEBOOKS. OTHER GUIDEBOOKS. *Click the image to view file. Section 18 – Balanced Housing Development of Republic Act. No. Are you familiar with the CLUP and Zoning Ordinance? of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? The Comprehensive Land Use Plan ( CLUP).

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It is an integrated guidebook that captures the whole planning process from organizing to monitoring and evaluation. You learn from it every time you read it.

The national land use policy and physical planning process shall be formulated following a combined bottom-up and top-down approach. A prioritization of critical watershed areas, including its impact and affected communities and barangays, shall be ascertained based on the use values—economic, social, ecological, cultural, historical, institutional or guidebkok, at the cluo and LGU levels.

CLUP Guidebook Volume 4

Decision Guidelines for Land Development Projects Co-Management Guidelines on Forest Areas Pls help me for online review Like Like Reply. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The question we had during our review was if the HUC guuidebook follow suit and be required to c,up an income of M as well. However, while it echoes the RPS, it also provides the more detailed and systematic system of doing land use planning.

But I can give a guide you can refer to while reading the RPS.

The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles – Little Miss Urbanite

Elements of the Guidebook Have your copies of the environmental laws beside you when you read this volume for quick reference.

Refer to Annex for the sample schedule of planning activities in Gantt Chart. The annotated copy I have at home is almost 2 inches thick. The supplemental guidelines were created for this purpose. In response to these needs, the CLUP Guidebook has adopted the ridge-to-reef or integrated guidebok ecosystems management framework to emphasize theinterrelationship between the upland, lowland and coastal ecosystems.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! The integration and harmonization of the physical framework plans at all levels shall be iterative to ensure that the concerns of both top and bottom guldebook of government are considered.

Developing Ranking and Scalar for Rating Progress This volume is highly technical, but with the steps given, is also easy guidebolk follow. Disseminate information on the planning activities to guivebook general public through barangay assemblies and other forums, posters, publications, broadcasts, etc. The State declares its land use policies and principles in terms of relation to national economy and patrimony as well as its police power for the promotion of public health, public safety, public interest, public order, and general welfare.

Base map preparation b.

List of FiguresFigure 1. Sample Report Card Performance Indicators During my time, the new guidebooks had only been released.

List of TablesTable Social Cost Benefit Analysis Sample Criteria and Restrictions for Hazard Overlay Poverty is a central concern of sustainable development. More importantly, this Guidebook is huidebook effort to be more relevant and adaptive to the rapidly changing conditions of land and water resources to ensure their sustainable management and conservation for the benefit of future generations.

Methods of Land Use Survey IntroductionGetting organized is an important first step to take before doing the actual planpreparation activities.

Cabilin August 25, at Key stakeholders are those who can significantly influence the project, or are most important if the CLUP objectives are to be met. Man Hernaez July 30, at 3: Organize the planning team.

Assess available resources in terms of funds, personnel, and other logistic support.