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Claustrophobia: De Profundis Expansion. Humans and infernal creatures confront each other for many months in the underground tunnels of New Jerusalem. He has located the spot where the De Profundis boxes were held against their will. They were cold and shaking, terrified and alone. But Croc arrived like a hero, . Shop Claustrophobia: De Profundis for as low as cnd from 27 online stores . Compare game prices at , the web’s largest.

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Welt der Sinne — all five senses. Log in to rate this game!

It was the yearwhen Jack the [ And that brings excellent experiences and great gameplay, that has accompanied the original base set. They bring not only new graphics and dde of corridors, but also special rules. When you play a scenario from this expansionshuffle the new Event cards with those from the base set. De Profundis Asmodee Published: With De Produndisthe Siccaria, powerful warriors, reinforce the human army, and terrible rabid hounds join the camp of the Underworld.

Separating the new Event cards with the old ones?

What item do you want to move to? Compare with similar items. Now, again, I totally agree that using any or all of it with the base set doesn’t seem to create any issues. These countless fierce battles eventually leave the warriors on both sides completely battered. Not for children under 3 claustrophkbia.

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: Claustrophobia: De Profundis Expansion: Toys & Games

By Asmodee Editions Contains: A return to Hell! Available from these sellers. Above all, player in the role of evil must combine dice to activate different abilities, but also his opponent in the role of good requires luck of the dice. Reviews 1 Game Tips Discussion 2. Humans and infernal creatures confront each other for many months in profubdis underground tunnels of New Jerusalem.

There is also a healing fountain, room for bigger battles or chance to look for items. Danger hides underwater, whereever the little creatures in a tuxedo look.

Claustrophobia: De Profundis

Username Password Remember Me Lost your password? Dragon anger is much worse, than any other. Environment is also different each time, depending on the chosen scenario, which players compile from prepared big tiles. There are new card of benefits for player on side of goodevents, gifts and items. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Burg Kletterfrosch — frog, best friend of the princess. To variability also se all those new decks and map tiles with specialized skills.

Orbis — how the gods feel. A new deck of talent cards for the Redeemer player, new characters, new events, new rooms, twelve new scenarios, and a new monster – De Profundis adds plenty of replayability to the base set of Claustrophobia profundiss introducing too many new rules or complex add-ons. Round out your end-of-year gift shopping with a few small profndis games that pack some serious depth and fun.

Other components mostly increase variability. Author is not always Croc, because other creators, even among fans, were invited to take part in creation.

Review: Claustrophobia De Profundis – a new danger awaits

I supported because… “Because of BGG and the community around it, I can feel connected to like-minded gamers, even when I’m not gaming. And one more family is living near the pond.

It’s on my todo list for sure!