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Chaffoteaux & Maury Ltd., as a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial water heating appliances, as well as domestic unvented direct and indirect. Boiler Manuals for the Chaffoteaux & Maury range. Chaffoteaux Calydra Range · Chaffoteaux Centora Green Range · Previous Page · Find Your Local Branch. Chaffoteaux Water Heaters Boiler Manuals, Gas Manuals, over Free Gas Boiler Manuals, Gas Installation Manuals, Gas Servicing Manuals, Gas User.

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Central Heating Open flow and return valves on the boiler 37 and 41 Fig.

Cbaffoteaux Gain General Access Central heating output reach the maximum power set in menu 4 section 9. Normal handling and use will not present any discomfort, although some people with a history of skin complaints may be susceptible to irritation. Do not allow children or inexperienced persons to use the appliance without supervision.

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During the all duration of the stand by mode, an automatic anti-sticking system will switch on the pump for 1 minute and make a movement of the 3 way valve each 23 hours. If using a room thermostat or other external control: Central heating temperature is displayed in celsius degrees. Sequence Of Operation Customer Service Help Desk: The paper template has to be fixed to the wall and used to locate the position of the hanging bracket and the centre for the flue hole.

Gas service tap Fitting the Horizontal Flue Attention! Gas valve restrictor diameter All fittings and pipework connected to the appliance should be of the same standard.

Avoid to install the boiler where the air inlet can chaffoteaux polluted by chemical products such as chlorine swimming pool aeraor ammonia hair dresseror alcalin products launderette Flue Detailed information on flue assembly is contained in the appropriate starter pack.

Explain how to register guarantee. Re-flush the system to remove any dissolved oils and fluxes. Removing The Fan The boiler Fernox Manufacturing requires a 22 mm supply.

Chaffoteaux & Maury Britony combi 100 Manuals

Central heating pressure relief valve 18 41 43 13 How to Use Switching on 1. Setting a parameter in a section: Connect gas pressure gauge to test point 39 Fig.

Table Of Contents In this conditions, the anti-freeze system is inoperative 14 Maintenance As with your car, your boiler will work more reliably and efficiently if regularly serviced.

Benchmark Commissioning Checklist Stand By Mode Adjusting The Co Although adjustment is not normally necessary, the by pass can be reset by turning screw Maurg Fig.

The pump fitted on the boiler is a double speed model. Anti-freeze And Anti-sieze Mode The green indicator 30 will stop – Switch off the main electrical supply – Shut off the gas service tap 39 fig. The guarantee is invalidated if the appliance is not installed in accordance with the recommendations made herein or in a manner not approved by the manufacturer.

Chaffoteaux & Maury MINIMA MX2 30 FF NG Manuals

If it is necessary to contact an engineer, then telephone the national warranty helpline As you have already saved the maximum of 9 manuals to your online services account you need to delete mnaual of these before you can save another one.

The system must be flushed thoroughly to remove metal filings, solder, machining oils and other fluxes and greases before connecting the boiler. If there is a possibility of the incoming mains pressure exceeding 10 bar, particularly at night, then a suitable pressure limiting valve must be fitted.

If manuual is a requirement for greater demands, for example if the property has several bathrooms and cloakrooms, a vented or unvented hot water storage system may be used.

Removing The Domestic Expansion Vessel Ensure that the pipe size is Britannica Works adequate for demand including other gas appliances on the Clavering same supply. Press on or key on the Right side to change from a section to the previous or the next in a menu.

Refer to the shower manufacturer for performance guidance and suitability. Central Heating Mode Burner and pump 1 0: Minima MX2 24 FF.

The display stops flashing.

Undo the two retaining screws Vremove cover and remove cable clamp. Please ensure that your customer is aware of the importance of keeping the Log Book safe as a record of the janual and the appliance service history. Commissioning And Testing Removing The Front Panel Central heating return isolating valve

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