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The third deligtfully undead novel in New York Times bestselling author Michele Bardsley’s Broken Heart series. Not just anyone can visit Broken Heart. Because Your Vampire Said So (Broken Heart, Oklahoma / Broken Heart Vampires, book 3) by Michele Bardsley – book cover, description, publication history. Because Your Vampire Said So is the third part in the light hearted Broken Heart vampire romance series by Michele Bardsley.

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Not just anyone can visit Broken Heart, Oklahoma, especially since all the single moms—like me, Patsy Donahue—have been turned into vampires. So did the main character.

How does she even know how? It felt like a book outline or else the speed-written first draft that never actually got fully written. I mostly skim those parts.

I liked this even less than the last one! Not just anyone can visit Broken Heart, Oklahoma, especially since all the single moms—like me, Patsy Donahue—have been turned into vampires.

Thank goodness I didn’t waste any money or bookshelf space on this one!! If you become imchele vampire, who takes your kids to school? There’s no need for a boring old short story.

While these books are definitely fun and campy, they do manage to bring light to some very important topics: I started va,pire not really enjoying the tone of the book, kind of silly and fluffy-what I didn’t like about the Sookie Stackhouse book I read.

Although in all honesty, as rushed as she makes her books, the entire thing feels like a short story. I flew through it in youg two short days which doesn’t happen all that often. He’s a blood wolf which means he was born as both vampire and wolf. Jul 11, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

Entertaining read as long as you don’t ask to many questions along the lines of Jan 28, TheGeekyBlogger rated gardsley liked it. It’s Christmastime, but not everyone is jolly This is another fast and fun read.

You will enjoy every page until the very end. Life may not be what it used to, but it’s not all bad — at least it wouldn’t be, if she could just rein in her son.

Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley : Book Review

My favorite character vwmpire the whole book is Patsy’s chain smoking ghost grandma, Dottie. Wow, after reading all of that back it makes it seem like I hated this book but I really didn’t. Coming home has never felt so good. I am just mad. View all 5 comments. She ticked me off.

C- Barsdley Hot Book Type: Books by Michele Bardsley. Book number three is no exception with its thrilling vampire superpowers, strange new werewolves, quirky ghosts, silly zombies, arson, kidnapping again! Fortunatly that very night all the Turn-bloods were issued additional security – so Patsy had a guard with her and together they were able to get the demon thing to go away.

This story felt a bit rushed and wasn’t as good as the previous two novels, the insta love between Patsy and Gabriel felt forced and contrived. Now, not only does she have to worry about her rebellious teenage son and her struggling hair salon business, but she also has to worry about getting her butt in bed before sunrise.

Paranormal Fiction Paranormal Romance. Patsy has a not so good relationship with her yoru son who is apparently turning out like her ex-husband, a druggy and she The Broken Heart Vampire Series is a quick, fun-filled read and this is a series you just cannot pass vampir.

And truth be told, I’m tired of the single parents rushing to get some nooky while their kids are in danger. Patsy is haunted by the ghosts of chain-smoking Dottie and her own grandma who died with one hand clutching the arm of a slot machine.

As if adding on that she’s a single mother! With all the back story, I expected more. Just coz she drinks his blood? After 11 of it’s population were attacked on the same night vmpire all turned vampire – the town underwent a shift to a Paranormal Community. Broken Heart 1 – 10 of 14 books. And also she may possibly be the only hope for Vampires and Micheel because apparently Patsy is the queen. Trivia About Because Your Vamp Now Broken Heart is the first ever paranormal town.

Because Your Vampire Said So

He’s up to his neck in danger. Anyways, Koschei bardzley an army, and is ready to take down Patsy, no matter what. And no one had better mess with my own flesh and blood… Full Synopsis. Too bad hot sex means an instant year commitment.

It seemed as though someone published the outline for the book, rather than bothering to actually write it. I continued to give it a whirl since that was the vardsley of the book club-light reading. Soon the entire town is literally exploding with all the power of a war between ancient supernaturals. All in all, this book was so funny, and filled with love. I will say though the Werewolf in that book was described well and I loved his character.