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Short answer: AUCTeX doesn’t play very well with latexmk, by default. Long answer: AUCTeX has its own system to decide what command to. Here is (I think) the simplest way to do this. The first adds mupdf as a new view program, while the second specifies it as the default for pdfs. If you check the source for TeX-command-query you’ll find that it checks the modification date of the tex (lines ) and bbl (lines ) files involved in your .

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See Automaticfor more information. This is based on reading the output of compilation program, but it expects only one command has been actually run. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It’s just an S-expression after all.

AUCTeX mode

Unless auuctex files are more recent than the output file and there is no known next command to be performed lines it will use the “View” command as default line Here is I think the simplest way to do this. Sign up using Email and Password. If non-nil, used for encoding input to Japanese TeX process. The former customize options japanese-TeX-command-default and japanese-LaTeX-command-default are obsolete.

I have set this in my. I’d like to switch to using pdf-tools instead. This behavior can be controlled using the user option TeX-complete-expert-commands. In response to a comment, here is how to add support for synctex with mupdf. AUCTeX distinguishes normal and expert macros. I guess I’d like to just make C-c C-C invoke latexmk every time. You can auctes the command names associated with the above three engines or define your own engine by customizing TeX-engine-alist.

The difference between TeX-insert-macro and TeX-electric-macro is that space will complete and exit from the minibuffer in TeX-electric-macro. You can also modify the S-expression to replace that one expression? See also the manual. Or redefining is just easier?

Want to see what Emacs is capable of?! Any clue how to avoid it? For this kind of completion to work, parsing must be enabled as described in see Parsing Files. Auvtex make the selected engine to persist across Emacs sessions, there are two ways from which you can choose one according to your needs:.

Setting MUpdf as default viewer in AUCTeX – Emacs Stack Exchange

It still functions as before, but in theory, it is not required anymore in normal use. Note that for some macros, there are special mechanisms, e. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. The first adds mupdf as a new view program, while the second specifies it as the default for pdfs.

Symbol’s value as variable is void: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

If you check the source for TeX-command-query you’ll find that it checks the modification date of the tex lines and bbl lines files involved in your document.

Email Required, but never shown. Dfeault variable is an alist. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is refault to these policies.

If set to show-all-optional-argsTeX-insert-macro asks for all optional arguments.

TeX-view-program-list To ensure normal operation, you should investigate and remove the cause of the error in your initialization file.

If a macro has an element in this variable, TeX-parse-macro will use its value to decided what to do, defaault the value of the variable TeX-insert-braces. Mode to enter for a new file when it cannot be determined whether the file is plain TeX or LaTeX or what.

Emacs/AUCTeX/LaTeXmk: Default compilation command only on first run? – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

How can I configure auctex to set pdf-tools as the refault pdf viewer? Email Required, but never shown. Start Emacs with the –debug-init’ option to view a complete error backtrace. Well, actually I just mean pressing C-c C-c again.

Personally, I think overwriting is the better solution also simpler because it ensures that the function itself is always working.