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13 Apr ASTM D is a testing standard designed to measure the compressive strength or resistance of shipping containers and parts. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number immediately 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D10 on. 6 Jun *Please note that the above information is a summary of ASTM D Please refer to for full details.

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The ISO standards may asfm meet the requirements for this test method. Our engineers recommend astm d642 you pair your compression test machine with an upper platen fit with a spherical bearing to ensure even distribution of load.

This test method covers testing of multiple containers or unit loads, in addition to individual shipping containers, components, materials, or combination thereof.

How to Build astm d642 New Test.

The best platen choice would be the TestResources G with an upper bearing. Fixed-platen machines generally cause corrugated box specimens to fail at their aatm point, while swivel-platen machines cause corrugated box specimens to fail at their weakest point.

The Series Astm d642 Test Machine is a common choice for this astm d642, and specifically the Family are best for wide column spacing for large boxes, crates and pallets.

ASTM D Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers

Our engineers would recommend pairing your compression tester with Xy Software to allow the astm d642 to collect astm d642 force and displacement data points during the test. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Give one of our engineers a call today and they astm d642 help guide you through the ASTM D test process with the best machine configuration for your requirements. Test Procedure Select a sample size and condition each specimen as indicated Carefully center the specimen on the bottom compression platen Slowly bring the top platen into contact with the specimen Apply the desired pre-load Make sure your system is set to specimen deformation Begin to apply load at the constant rate astm d642 in the specification Continue test until failure or specified load Repeat this procedure with each specimen.

Both platens need to be large enough to completely cover each end of the specimen.

Compression Strength Testing Compressive Test | ASTM D

The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard. Astm d642 packing components for compressive strength is needed ast help guarantee the protection of astm d642 products inside them. Standard load ratings up to kN 67, lbf ; higher ratings available upon request Platen diameters from 56 mm to mm 2. Astm d642 Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

Automotive Interior Mechanical Testing Guide. ASTM D can be used to test packaging diagonally along opposite edges or top to bottom.

We are confident astj we have what you are looking for. Compressive resistance is one of the properties used to evaluate the ability of shipping containers, components, astm d642 unit loads to successfully survive the compressive forces they are subjected to during storage and distribution. astm d642

Compression Strength Testing

Contact our Engineers Today! Fixed platens are rigidly mounted and can be used for corner testing, astm d642 testing or face-to-face testing opposite sides of the box.

Shipping containers may be tested with or without contents.

When you are ready to perform this test, please refer to and follow the exact specifications in the official ASTM D document. Speak with one of our fixture specialists to learn more about our compression platens. However, a fixed-head compression machine is required astm d642 perform edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner orientations on test specimens see Note astm d642.

Standard load ratings up to kN 67, lbf ; higher ratings available upon request Platen diameters available from 56 mm to astm d642 2. Your compression test machine choice will depend on the maximum specimen size that you need to test. For constant load test refer to Test Method D Specimens for ASTM D should be the full astm d642 container prepared in the same way that it will be used for packing and shipping.

During distribution and warehousing, astm d642 are placed under various compressive loads while being astm d642 and moved. ASTM D is a testing standard designed to measure the compressive strength or resistance of shipping containers and parts.

G Spherical Seat Compression Platens. A or Series Universal Test Machine would be a good choice for smaller boxes and crates.

ASTM D642 Compressive Resistance Test Equipment for Shipping Containers, Components and Unit Loads

Have a question about conducting the test for this standard? Sales Astm d642 Calibration Calculators. Packaging components such as boxes, crates, and cases are designed to astm d642 products while they are transported and stored. Users can choose to test with fixed or spherical platens. You should make sure to test five or more samples and average the data to improve the statistical reliability of the data. The procedure may be used for measuring the ability of the container to resist external compressive loads applied to its faces, to diagonally opposite edges, astm d642 to corners Fig.