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1-Pakënaqësi dhe preokupim i tepruar me peshën trupore, ndjekja e një diete strikte që pasohet nga periudha ngrënie lakmuese, periudha. Anoreksia. AH. ashli hoxha. Updated 13 May Transcript. Lider. Ashli Hoxha . Dokumentar per anoreksine per nje vajze 12 vjece,Natasha ne “Rouhte Farm”. Shenjat e anoreksisë nervore- Simptomat. -humbje ne peshe(15 %e peshes qe pritet qe shkaktohen nga kequshqyerja: Anoreksia. -Bulimia.

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However, with the right treatment, recovery is possible. The CAT scan A tomograph is a two-dimensional image of a slice or section through a three-dimensional object.

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Mery Daniel, Adrianne Haslet, and Heather Abbott each lost a leg in the bombing and have learned to walk again with prosthetics. They show teeth, but their main focus is on the nevrore or skull. The flashlight analogy is inexact since x-ray beams are better collimated they form a tighter beamand much less x-radiation is scattered from the target than light from the wall because of the nature of the x-radiation itself.

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Anoreksia by ashli hoxha on Prezi

A panorex film delivers about 2 mREM. For a more in-depth and more accurate discussion of this subject, please see this page in my Course in Dental Radiography. Cooking with natural gas exposes us to about an additional 10 mREM per year because of the naturally occurring radon gas the cooking gas contains.

While the panoramic x-ray utilizes a photographic film or an electronic array of charged-coupled devices CCD to make an image directly from a fan shaped beam of x-rays which sweeps around the jaw, Computerized Tomography CT uses fan shaped, or cone shaped beams of x-rays that scan each point in an object from multiple angles to create an array of data points.

He was even more amazed to find that when the rays passed through body parts, such as his hand, the bones beneath the skin became clearly visible on the screen. Unfortunately, the patient declined routine x-rays for two years in a row. Hair flat and “ironed” after several years of occupation by modern are not. The image can then be stored on the computer or printed out.

Not everything we eat is healthy for our brains. Dental restorations fillings, crowns may appear lighter or darker, depending on the density of the material. Second, the faster the film, the larger the grain size the size of the silver nitrate particles on the surface of the filmand thus the lower the film resolution. In patients with no recent dental or gum disease and who visit the dentist regularly for check-ups, X-rays may be taken only every five years or so.

From the X-ray information, a computer creates a three-dimensional image of the interior structures. Even though no X-ray can be considered routine, many people require X-rays on a regular basis so that their dental condition can be monitored.

They are quick and easy to take, and cost a little more than a full series of intraoral films. This type of measurement does not concern us in the study of dental x-rays. Dental caries cavities will show up on an X-ray as a darker patch in a light tooth.

Teeth appear lighter because less radiation penetrates them to reach the film. Other units you may hear about are measures of radiation called rads and grays. This is one of the rare Biel exits, which has successfully kept her private life away from scandals and paparazzi. A recent study that was conducted at the University of Montreal, has revealed that junk food, or greasy food words, you can change the chemicals in the brain.

The first, oldest and still probably the most frequently used unit of equivalent dose in the US is called a rem. The cone beam scans both the maxilla and mandible at one time, and requires about times the amount of radiation used in a panoramic radiograph.

Anorexia nervosa is probably the most substantial eating disorder, with basically unknown causes, centered on psychological factors and affected by many social, biological and cultural ones.

Kosovar rapper, Prince Double H, also known as Husayn, was turned into everyone’s attention with an obscene gesture. For these reasons, digital radiography is gaining increasing acceptance in dental offices throughout the US and Europe.


The spot on the wall where the flashlight is aimed is the brightest because it is in the direct line of fire, however, the rest of the room is also dimly illuminated by the light that scatters off the wall.

Orthodontists use cephalometric projections to plan their treatments. D speed film is the slowest, E speed is midrange and F speed anorekssia the fastest.

So why didn’t we take x-rays as a routine part of our yearly dental examination? Notice that each tooth is seen in multiple films. Another advantage of the panoramic film is that it takes very little radiation to expose it.

As you can see, by this anoreksai realistic measure, it would take 20 full series of neervore rays to equal the amount of radiation the average citizen picks up from background sources each year: In a very large, dark room the area of the wall two feet from the bright spot is much brighter than an area 20 feet away.

Now, fingers have been replaced by holders that not only keep the film in place, but also help the dentist aim the X-ray machine.