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An American Tragedy, novel by Theodore Dreiser, published in It is a complex and compassionate account of the life and death of a young antihero. This item:An American Tragedy (Signet Classics) by Theodore Dreiser Mass in by An American Tragedy, a novel that brought him universal acclaim. Editorial Reviews. Review. Theodore Dreiser set out to create an epic character Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy () is nothing less than what the title holds it to be; it is the story of a weak-willed young man who is .

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An American Tragedy – Wikipedia

He executes them well, not poorly. Written by Theodore Dreiser init presents his view that class distinctions, inherited wealth, and stringent social restrictions make a mockery of the so-called American Dream of hheodore meritocracy. Both volumes are very clean internally. He breaks the rule in secret. First Edition, First Printing. Books by Theodore Dreiser.

This book raises dullness of style to sublimely convoluted heights. Bookplates Inside Front Covers. The last portion of the book is especially gripping as we learn Clyde’s fate.

It is only because Clyde doesn’t have the connections, and can easily be cut lose, that he meets the fate that he does. He observes many details, from the smallest and seemingly most insignificant yb the most important and major events — yet another reason the descriptions of background, places, and mores come to life travedy the reader.

If I understand it at all—and I might well not—this novel seems to be trying to tell us that as a society, as a culture, America is disposed to producing mostly morally deficient parasites, predators prone to preying on one another. Previous owner name to half-title page in both volumes, light creasing to last several pages, and light perfume odor.

One misstep, and down you trzgedy. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

That you possessed all of these luxuries. Clyde is not amerrican hero. When Clyde walks down the street, Dreiser tells you where he turned left, and where he turned right, going to the trouble of relaying each street name. Other topics that Dreiser takes on are the not-so-just justice system, organized and independent religions, the shallow lives of the wealthy, the press and many more.

As for the parents of Roberta, they were excellent examples of that native type of Americanism which resists facts and reveres illusion. Clyde uses his position as supervisor to take advantage of a young woman, Roberta, who has fallen in love with him.

On completion I went to Wiki and discovered that this story is based theodroe a true crime story! In this section of the book, I was actually moved when Clyde’s mother comes to visit and, for a moment, stops being a religious zealot and acts as a mother: For fear, for fear Darling, precious, baby That might mean, that might ttagedy, what might that not mean?!

An American Tragedy, by Theodore Dreiser

Audio 53 Driesler took entirely too long to get to the point. The limit of my tolerance for that phrase. View all 27 comments. If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have some advice for you!

This way of writing makes the speed of the novel extremely slow! We do not choose these other people from whom we learn; they just happen. Near Fine in a Near Fine slipcase with a few sp.

The character of Clyde became real for me. Clyde finds himself in a position I know too well: Though showing great sensitivity to environmental or sociological evils, such works fail to embody the high conception of character as….

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And the entire book is like this. Clyde Griffiths is not very admirable but he is understandable. That I didn’t write. A tragedy in the strictest sense, Clyde’s destruction begins with seduction and ends with a death sentence.

An American Tragedy is one of the short-listers in the never-ending competition for the honor of Great American Novel. A special edition, limited to copies.

First, Dreiser tells you the story, step by step. His mundane style and his need of an editor Is it a warning? Two volumes, pages and pages; text is clean and fresh.

The cover of my copy of Theodore Dreiser’s enormous, ambitious, sprawling epic An American Tragedy is singularly bland and uninformative.

An American Tragedy

This is probably the longest really bad book that I’ve ever read. Once I got it started, I couldn’t put this book down.

But you already know what happens from the title: