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View and Download ALASKA BM user manual online. Bread Maker. BM Bread Maker pdf manual download. Click to go to view Bedienungsanleitung Alaska Kl search result. Download manual Bread baking machine ALASKA BM Download manual: Bread. .com/ TZ

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This also applies to other ingredients.

ALASKA BM 2600 User Manual

Sugar and salt should be evenly distributed along the side ofthe flour. This flour is ground in order to be particularly suitablefor baking breads bedidnungsanleitung yeast. Pleasedo not use any metal objects to remove the dough hook 3 as this could damage thesurface coating of the dough hook 3. You can also try bsdienungsanleitung reduce the quantity of yeast by max.

Egg sEggs give bread and cake dough a rich and smooth structure. Ensure that the exterior of the backing pan 2 is clean and install the baking compartment 9 in the baking compartment 9 and anchor this by akaska a small clockwise rotation.

Power cable with power plug8. Basically,there are three different types of yeast: Youcan also 1I this program to re-bake bread, which was not completely baked. Push and hold the key or ‘i1 ,the timer will change continuously by 10minutes increments. Place the appliance only on a level, sturdy and heat-resistant surface, away from gasflames or stoves and heaters and out of reach of children.

Clean the dough hook 3 and baking pan 2 using amild dish liquid and warm water. Cake FlourCake flour consists of soft or low-protein types of wheat.

Please perform Measuring ing re d ients The key – and the most important step when using bread machines – is the exact and careful the following test to determine whether the yeast is old and inactive A Fill a small bowl or cup half full with lukewarm Please performthe following test to determine whether the yeast is old and inactive: If the dough hook 3 is encrusted or hard to remove from the drive axle 4fillthe baking pan 2 with hot water.

Do not use powdered sugar or brown sugar unless this is specificallyrecommended. Otherwise, the result might be unsatisfactory. Please be careful when moving the appliance while it is filled with liquid. Form a small well in the flour, add the yeast into the well. Operating without ingredients can cause thedevice to overheat. More Bread Maker Overview Programs and operating panel.

Never pour water or other liquids into the baking chamber alasma the appliance. Salt also alaeka the rising ability of yeast. Very hotliquids, hotter than 40C, can kill the yeast organisms.

Never hold the unit under running water and never submerge the unit in water or otherfluids. Remove the baking pan from the device and insert the dough hook onto the drive applies only for programs 1, 2,4,11, and axle located on the floor of the baking pan Please be sure that the dough hook Please also observe the information listed under Startup Operation locks.

Sugar is food for yeast andsupports the fermenting process.

All -Purpose FlourAll-purpose flour is a mixture of refined hard and soft wheat flour types suitable for baking breadand cakes. Connect the power plug 7 to a suitable power supply. Insert the baking pan 2 into the bedienjngsanleitung machine and close the cover 1. Please be sure that the dough hook 3 locks.

Alaska Bm Bedienungsanleitung Pdf File

Once the appliance is switched on and immediately after it is switched off, please maintaina safety distance of 5 cm around the bread machine. Carrot BreadLoaf size 1. This additional quantitycan influence the balance of the recipe. An estimated quantity is not recommended ; it could influence the balance of the recipe.

If the dough hook 3 is still inserted bedienungsqnleitung the bread, remove it using a blunt object.

Each time the keys 6 and ‘i1 are pushed, the timer will advance or regress by 10minutes. The br ead rose too mu chYou might have used too much yeasl, flour or wat r. The bread will be done at the desired time. The right to guarantee claims expires upon any intervention of the purchaser or third parties Damages caused by wrong treatment or operation, by false placement storage, improper connection installation, as well as force or other external influences are not covered by this By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


bedienyngsanleitung Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Never fill the baking pan 2 with ingredients, including liquids, exceeding this amount. B Mix in one teaspoon of alasska, then sprinkle two teaspoons yeast on the water surface. Drip over raising bread orsweet bread. The bread should cool off for another minutes before eating it.

The dough is not kneaded, even though the motor run s. This type of wheat consists of wheat bmm cut into fragments. FatOilbaking fat, butter and margarine shorten or soften the structure of yeast breads.

Artificial sweeteners cannot be used as a sugar substitute as the yeast will notbe properly activated. It the timer is to be used, please set it now please also see Timer Operation.

Whole-Wheat FlourFor whole-wheat flourthe complete grain of wheat is ground. JAMThe finished bread is too mo ist insideWhen using the same recipe next time, add an additional tablespoon of flour or usecorrespondingly less water or milk. It should be stored in secure, airtight containers.