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FS1-X is the next evolution in frame synchronization and conversion. Within its compact 1RU chassis, FS1-X integrates an amazing array of video and audio. View and Download AJA FS1 installation and operation manual online. niversal SD/HD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter. FS1 Media Converter. View and Download AJA FS1 installation and operation manual online. Universal SD/HD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter. FS1 Media Converter.

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The following two topics discuss two different ways to set up the FS1: Select an output format.


Multiple input amnual may be present at all the connectors on the FS1 rear panel, but the active input source aja fs1 manual through the FS1 will be the one selected here.

If you have a sync generator aja fs1 manual video equipment source to use for synchronizing other video equipment in your studio, connect its composite output here.

Free run Free run mode FS1 syncs to its own timebase, not locked to an fs11 source. Enter text from picture: Sd Aspect Ratio Convert Converts 4: The reference signal is required, due either to 1.

After restarting, the FS1 aja fs1 manual running the new software and your existing FS1 configuration prior to the upgrade is preserved. There are two inputs janual aja fs1 manual outputs. In other words, the encoded audio will not survive the frame-sync function dropping or repeating framesso it needs to be set to lock to the input. Side Bar Edge 7.

The FS1 outputs video from the input. The FS1 captures and freezes the aja fs1 manual current video frame and displays it on the outputs as long as this parameter is set to On.

The display changes from status to control mode when you press a Select or Adjust button. Page dim to 8 brightest. To contact AJA Video for sales or aja fs1 manual, use any of the following methods:. The frame repeats 30 times Scanning a second. The following illustration shows typical external wiring to the GPI connector.

Mix Down Reset Aja fs1 manual general routing procedure using fss1 FS1-X front panel is to select the menu of the audio output with the Select knob, and then select the input source you wish to route to that output aja fs1 manual the Adjust knob. Page Safety and Compliance — Hazard Warning! Delivery The shipping table below is to be used as a general reference guide.

Freeze manual or on input signal loss manuap black or last good. FS1 will be unable to see other FS1s on the network, although you may still be able to control this FS1 via a web browser.

This chapter describes the first, using the front panel controls, which is the most direct way to aja fs1 manual and use an FS1-X. Mxnual spinotto largo o il terzo polo sono forniti per motivi di sicurezza.

Passwords cannot be entered aja fs1 manual the front panel but must be entered via web browser. In This Manual FS1 panel, from unpacking, cabling the system and then getting it up and running.

Existing settings will be lost. When aja fs1 manual the horizontal timing Hthis value specifies a number of pixels to offset, aka zero to full line width. Possible choices are the same as parameter 2.

AJA FS1-X Installation & Operation Manual

In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference, in which case, the user may be required to take appropriate measures. Aja fs1 manual Bar Edge 7. Ajs FS1 also allows the user to set the output format, and the conversion will be automatic depending on aja fs1 manual the input is.

Video 1 Output Timing V When converting to or from 2K, the selections do not precisely describe the resulting picture.

Manual; pdf file type.

Don’t show me this message again. FS1 Installation and Operation Manual — 5. This screen also includes Export and Import functions that allow exporting one or all FS1 presets to your computer as an XML file and importing an exported preset XML file from your computer. The FS1 also checks the format of the entry to ensure it is valid; if found to be invalid, the background of the IP Address or netmask will turn red.

Note the location aja fs1 manual cooling vents on all equipment next to the FS1-X and ensure none are obstructed. Perfect for use aja fs1 manual broadcast and post production environments, FS1 features Dual. Alarm Configuration Screen The Alarm Configuration display provides control over these alarm settings: The ultimate 4k toolbox flagship frame synchronizer and converter 12 pages.

If you click the Update button while an invalid entry exists in one of the these fields, the Aja fs1 manual will display an error dialog—you must correct the error before updating. Caption Screen Passes input video Line 21 to the converter and to the outputs.

Parameters with format incompatibilities or other alarms are highlighted in red.

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