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The Unofficial Aion Templar Guide Our unofficial strategy report them on our contact page Im crying blood with the Templar’s skills nerf on This cant be real.. at least they .. Killer’s Eye: Skill removed. ⦁ Weakening Blow: Skill. [Class Selection Guide] So you’re returning to Aion or a new player but don’t Templar dps scales very will with gear but it takes some time to.

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Aion Templar Guide

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Are any of them squishy class?

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Gladiators are squishy, as far tem;lar plate classes go. It’s a high damage class that specializes in AoE attacks, it isn’t a true tank and it’s physical damage mitigation is only marginally higher than an Assassin or Ranger.

Against magic attacks it’s on a fairly equal footing with the Templar. That beng said, which is better for solo depends on what you’re willing to trade and whether you plan to PvP with it or not.

Aion Online Templar Guide

Temps kill slower but they can kill probably 4 – 5 times the number of mobs before they take an equal amount of damage. Also, there are some situations that a Gladiator just cannot handle that aikn Templar can, like fighting multiple Elites and single Ultimates.

If you have any interest in this, and of course you will if you’re going to run solo, then the Templar will be your best choice, but you may find yourself needing multiple gear sets pretty early on or, alternatively, composite manastones to maintain a high killed stat without having to sacrifice too much of the offensive stats you’re going to need.

As far as solo PvP goes, one is as good as another. Fighting another player is completely different from fighting an AI mob. The class mechanics introduce so many variables that “the right choice” for this situation comes down to whichever one you’re more comfortable and better with and whatever class the enemy player is, but this is never something you can plan for so it isn’t really a factor in solo PvP.

Killer Guides. The Unofficial Aion Templar Guide – PDF

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