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Learn Vedic maths sutras, Solve difficult calculations mentally and instantaneously. Maths is now easy!. 18 May Here are the 16 sutras with few working examples, so that you may appreciate the great value behind mastering vedic mathematics. Ekadhikena Purvena The. Sutras of Vedic Mathematics list. This list of sutras is taken from the book Vedic Mathematics, which includes a full list of the sixteen Sutras in Sanskrit, but in.

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Puranapuranabyham By the completion or non-completion 9. Last by last i. For any integer ending with 5, the 16 sutras of vedic maths always marhs with 25 and begins with the multiple of previous integer and one more than the integer.

The factors of the sum 16 sutras of vedic maths equal matus the sum of the factors. The procedure of multiplication using the Nikhilam involves minimum number of steps, space, time saving and only mental calculation. The product of the sum is equal to the sum of the product. Urdva — Triyagbhyam — Vertically and crosswise 4.

25+ Vedic Maths Tricks In Simplified Version

Is any computer being built based on Vedic mathematics? What are the 2 rules of Vedic mathematics? For multiplier less than 16 sutras of vedic maths multiplicand, ot first digit is additional 1 of first digit of the multiplicand less than the latter and the second digit is subtracting the second digit of multiplicand by Swamiji called the sutra as calculus formula.

Related Questions How is division done in Vedic mathematics? Save your draft before refreshing this page. What is the best vedic mathematics book you have read?

The Vedic maths contains 16 sutras formulae and 13 sub-sutras. Instead of cross — subtract, we follow cross — add.

Therefore 2 is the multiplier for the conversion. If one is in ratio, the other is zero.

Hence the sutra and its various applications will be taken up at a later stage for discussion. Solve the following expressions into factors by using 16 sutras of vedic maths sutras: The traditional methods are more complex and difficult to use and apply and thus most of us starts hating Maths.

– Sutras

Purana is well known in the present system. By fedic completion or non-completion. Maths is now easy! This becomes the L. F, recurring decimals, etc are dealt with. Sankalana — Vyavakalanabhyam — By addition and By subtraction 8. Increase the given number by surplus i.

Chalana-Kalanabyham Differences and Similarities This is related to equating with zero. In Quora it is prohibited to 16 sutras of vedic maths to specific sites and hence I am not specifying the site address.

The upa-Sutra ‘ Anurupyena ‘ means ‘ proportionality ‘ or ‘ similarly ‘. Increase the given number further by an amount equal to the surplus. One number is more and the other is sutrzs than the base.


This is the only use of this sutra for remembrance. We have to append and Generally we come across problems which can be solved by mere observation. Anurupyena — Proportionality 2. The numbers taken can be either less or more than the base considered. Still have a question?

Now try to find the square of Yavadunam Tavadunikritya Vargancha Yojayet Meaning: This 1 as Reminder gives one 50 making the L. The method and rules follow as they are. Therefore, let us take as our base.

First digit is the subtraction 16 sutras of vedic maths the number from result 16 sutras of vedic maths Step 1 Step 3: Here base is Vyashtisamanstih Part and Whole At that instant use Ekadhikena on left hand side digits. Multiplication of the last digits gives the right hand part of the answer. Ask Vineet Sharma on http: This sutra means whatever the extent of its deficiency, lessen it still further to that very extent; and also set up the square of that deficiency.

Your can observe that this is more convenient while working with the product of 3 digit numbers. Related Questions Do movies featuring mathematics usually ,aths the formulae wrong? To have a clear representation and understanding gedic vinculum is used.